flavor of tampa bay

4817 S West Shore Blvd
Tampa, FL, 33611


Marketplace Hours

Sunday - Closed

Monday - 11am-2pm

Tuesday - 11am-2pm

Wednesday - 11am-2pm

Thursday - 11am-2pm

Friday - 11am-2pm

Saturday - Closed



Located on the edge of South Tampa, Flavor of Tampa Bay wants to help represent local businesses and all that they do! Our mission is to be a voice for the locals and showcase the incredibly talented people & businesses in the Bay area. From hot sauces, to fitness classes, football draft leagues, and furniture making classes the fun never stops!

Anyone can find something they love here at Flavor of Tampa Bay. 

Not only can you rent out the Flavor of Tampa Bay Venue for classes, workshops, parties and more, but almost all the artwork, furniture, clothing in the Flavor of Tampa Bay Marketplace is for sale!



BTC Creations

A large majority of the furniture, decor, and artwork in the Flavor of Tampa Bay marketplace and venue we're custom made and provided by Brian Taylor  &  Thomas Caradonna owners of BTC creations. Their personalized touch has changed the lives and homes of many in the Bay area.

Adaptive Digital Design

Matthew Brennan president of Adaptive Digital, shares the Flavor of Tampa Bay creative space for providing custom software design, web design, digital marketing, podcasts & more.

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Forking Around Town

 Tracy Guida loves all things food. She created her brand @ForkingAroundTown to show her loyal followers all the best places to dine all around the U.S.



Flavor of Tampa Bay was a concept created by Founder and CEO Ian Beckles a very long time ago. In fact, Mr. Beckles came up with the name Flavor of Tampa Bay, used it for a couple different ventures, but ultimately held onto it until the perfect use came along. What better way to describe a company dedicated to showcasing all things local in the Bay area, than Flavor of Tampa Bay. Ian played in the NFL for nine years as a offensive lineman. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and more! After that he became a beloved radio talk show host and gained a large following. Ian has always loved the people of Tampa and uses his voice and new found platforms as a way to help the small businesses that come out of his hometown. Flavor of Tampa Bay is an outlet for him to help local Tampa citizens get their voices, talents, products, and services out into the world for everyone to experience!